No Questions Asked.

by Luiz Felipe

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released March 31, 2013

All songs written, performed and recorded by Luiz Felipe Fonseca.



all rights reserved


Luiz Felipe Rio, Brazil

Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter in rock band Lost Art. Professional faulenzer.

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Track Name: Chapter 2: I Still Haven't Lost My Mind
I've been waiting for a time
When we can speak our minds
And no one else will dare

I've been hoping for a sign
To tell me it's alright
To show that I don't care

And you'll see
I haven't lost my mind
You will see
I haven't lost my mind
Track Name: Chapter 3: Relief
And now we're done
And now it's over
Track Name: Chapter 5: Before The Dawn
I believe that when we come together
We can do anything but what we want
If this fever burns like lightning
We could turn it into something wrong

Do you feel like the earth is moving
My feet shake like your hands on ice
I don't think it's very soothing
Break your silence, take this home

Maybe it's just too late
Or too soon to tell
I measure that I couldn't wait
For something else
These walls we try to break
Are just too strong
Another king about to fall
Before the dawn

We tend to have this easy feeling for
Sole regrets and singalongs
I'm afraid it doesn't work for long

Break me down
Please let me grow
Simmer down
I'll take control
Track Name: Chapter 6: This Is Me
Take me on
I have control
Shifting shapes
I'll have you whole

Don't you dare question my intentions
Track Name: Chapter 8: Misconceptions
I'm just swollen by the fight before my eyes
We never seem to realise our worth
Maybe if you'd stop and stare at the darkest clouds
Come at me then if you dare, at an ominous price

Everything you've ever wished for were selfish lies
These misconceptions of feelings are growing wide

I'm afraid of myself

Do your best if you can
Then come and claim your prize
The biggest challange for a young man
is finding his own life
Could you please show me where I can hide

You're in love with your own fictionary life
Can't bring yourself to feel like
Everything you've ever wished for were selfish lies
These misconceptions of love and hate are growing wide
Track Name: Epilogue
No, you can't have the final say